Our Story



We are a popular renowned award-winning wholefood vegetarian restaurant which has been on Wicklow Street, Dublin since January 1986.

We are a casual dining restaurant open seven days a week in the heart of the city frequented by locals, tourists, students, shoppers and vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

We are dedicated to our customers (that’s you!), to the positive experience you have while visiting us, and through our delicious food to your health and well-being.

We are passionate about tasty food and vegetarianism, veganism and wholefoods.

We are dedicated to producing fresh delicious food with an emphasis on locally grown and organic produce.

We are passionate about home-produced vegetarian and vegan food.

We have a team of talented and hard-working chefs who each day prepare our delicious array of  breakfasts, soups, salads, main-courses, breads, desserts, cakes and snacks.

We have up to 50 staff, full-time and part-time, all working hard to give you the customer a very positive experience, including chefs, counter servers, office staff and kitchen-porters.

We provide a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere within three artistically decorated dining areas.

We produce a varied menu of delicious inventive food which changes daily and is prepared in-house every day.

We cater for special dietary requirements including vegan, dairy-free, coeliac, gluten-free, yeast–free, sugar-free, and raw/living.

We have an award-winning cook-book – Cornucopia At Home, which won the inaugural award of Listowel Foodbook of the Year 2010, and is now in it’s third printing.

We have live instrumental harp and guitar on Thursday, Friday evenings from 7.30 -9.30pm.

We have a catering service for groups for collection – soups, salads, main-courses, breads, cakes and desserts.

We have a complete take-away service for all of our menu options.

We serve delicious organic red and white wines.

We have all recyclable and mostly compo-stable takeaway containers and are very Eco-conscious.

We are housed within a beautiful Georgian Building and have expanded to upper floors for further dining, music and arts events.

We are loyal to our suppliers who work hard to bring the best quality raw material and ingredients to our door every day.

We have launched a range of delicious cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices under the Cornucopia brand name. Two of the flavours have won awards at Blas na hEireann Great Taste awards.


Cornucopia (Latin: Cornu Copia) is a symbol of food and abundance; a mythical horn of plenty, or harvest cone, dating back to the 5th century BC, able to provide whatever is desired.