Being Green

Points that make Cornucopia green and environmentally friendly.


  • We are totally vegetarian and vegan.
  • We use organic and locally grown produce.
  • None of our food is genetically modified.
  • We use free-range eggs for all of our cooking and baking.


  • We recycle and compost almost all of our waste and have very little general waste. We reuse plastic containers wherever possible.

Packaging and Paper

  • We allow our customers to bring in their own take-away containers.
  • We use recyclable and biodegradable takeaway containers and biodegradable disposable forks and knives; we use recycled unbleached  envelopes for our office stationary.


  • We use e-light long life bulbs; we use Airtricity – a wind energy company, as our electricity provider.
  • We use natural gas for all our cooking.


  • We have a bike-to-work scheme for our employees.
  • Our staff eat nutritious vegetarian food to keep them healthy and happy.