Voices of Cornucopia


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This year marks the 30th birthday of our restaurant in Dublin, and to complement our ever-growing interest in bringing healthy, nutritious food to customers we want to start up a written companion to our menu. Here we’ll share our stories, recipes and top tips for vegetarian living, compiling contributions from every level of staff. On any given day in Cornucopia there are at least twenty people involved in ordering, prepping, cooking and serving our food – as well as all the behind-the-scenes ‘elves’ working from the office and kitchens who keep the restaurant ticking! This amounts to a unique collection of experience from diverse backgrounds, so bringing the knowledge and interests of so many people together will give us a running scrapbook of veggie stories.


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Expanding our dining rooms upstairs on our gorgeous Georgian premises on Wicklow street has allowed us to host some fab events in the last few years, so expect updates of talks and written reviews for anyone who missed them (we wish there was a solution to reaching maximum capacity, but the elves haven’t solved it just yet). For many customers and staff, we hear that Cornucopia reminds them of coming home; the hearty meals, the cosy tables, the warm atmosphere, and we want to extend that to the web such that locals and visitors from further afield can both still enjoy the feeling of home that our restaurant hopes to bring.


Voices of Cornucopia

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