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Published in 2008 Cornucopia at Home is a colourful collection of popular recipes from Cornucopia’s history. It is for anyone with a love for fresh and healthy feel-good home cooking and they can take their pick from a tempting array of hearty soups, delicious salads, imaginative main courses, crusty breads and sumptuous desserts. Including options for vegans, coeliacs and those on a variety of special diets, these beautifully illustrated, informative and easy to master recipes will bring joy and satisfaction to every table they reach.

“The Cornucopia team have achieved something of true, enduring value and ‘Cornucopia at Home’ celebrates that achievement”
– John McKenna

“We can all feel privileged to read and use this special cookbook. It not only imparts the exquisite secrets that have been consistently enjoyed at Cornucopia for over twenty years, prepared by the highly passionate and talented chefs, we are also provided with the insight of how it all came about through Deirdre and Neil’s love, dedicated tenacity and, thankfully a bit of ignorance….”
– Marc Michel, Farmer, Organic Life, Wicklow

“A treasure. If you promise yourself to do two recipes a week, your health has simply got to improve! Such an easy way of making effective dietary changes without having to change your taste buds.”
– Susan Jane Murray, Amazon review

“Thank you cornucopia, this cook book is excellent and makes being a vegetarian adventurous.”
– S. E. Kirk, Amazon review

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