Health & Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle involves eating nutritious food, drinking lots of clean water, taking regular exercise, and assisting ourselves through our modern life with some form of relaxation or meditation technique.

 Eating at Cornucopia can be or become part of your healthy lifestyle.

You can eat-in or take the food home with you.

We encourage everyone to cook and prepare meals at home, and to move away largely from processed foods. However eating at Cornucopia and/or taking our food home with you can be convenient and economical, when life is busy and when convenience is a priority.

Our food is packed with nutrients and made from the very best of fresh ingredients.

Our meals are nutritionally balanced, and we use a large volume of extra nutritious ingredients such as our sprouted beans and lentils, our soaked barley, our freshly pressed juices and wheatgrass, our large component of fresh herbs and young greens,  and our high quality olive oil and olives imported directly from Italy

These foods in particular are packed with antioxidants, healthy fats (for your brain) with lots of omega 3’s and 6’s, and enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals to give your body and immune system that extra charge and protection.

In season a quantity of our fruits and vegetables come from nearby Wicklow and are grown on the organic farms of Marc Michel in Kilpedder and Goldriver in Aughrim. These products come, spray free, straight from their healthy soil, to your plate.

All of our grains and pastas are also organic giving our breads, cakes and pasta dishes that extra dimension of flavour and nutrition. In addition all of these products are handmade for you on a daily basis by our pastry, main course and salad chefs.

For protein we use a large quantity of nuts, seeds, lentils and beans. These are soaked before using to aid digestion and to allow your bodies to absorb the rich array of  amino acids and nutrients available from them. Skilfully prepared they provide bulk and texture to our tasty main courses and salads.

Practically none of our food is made off site so that there is only a very short travel time for the prepared food – just the few yards or meters from the chefs’ bench or oven across the counter to your table or take-away container. This short time preserves the nutrients and freshness and makes our meals truly homemade in Cornucopia – a home away from home for many customers!