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Here in Cornucopia we love talking. We love debates. We love learning new things. Everything is up for grabs when it comes to discussion. This is one of the reasons we began a series of talks and lectures based around health, nutrition and the environment. All of these issues we hold very dear to our hearts! We have been very fortunate to open a new dining space on the first floor, which, with its original Georgian features provides a beautiful setting.

On these special evenings we like to nourish the palate while nourishing the mind (and soul!) and offer a menu that compliments the talk.

We are always interested in hearing your feedback, whether it’s something you feel we could improve on, or whether there is a particular talk you would like to see happen here… Please get in touch with Sammy.

By phone: 01-6719449 or by email:

Tickets for each of our upcoming talks are available on our website and in the restaurant.

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