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Posted on Apr 25, 2013

Ten Reasons to Eat at Cornucopia!



HOMEMADE. All of our food is freshly made on our premises! Our desserts & breads are hand-crafted by our own pastry chefs, & all fruits & vegetables are chopped daily in our own kitchens.

VARIETY. Our menu changes daily, according to what is freshest & in season. Our talented chefs use their creativity to create nutritious & delicious meals. Sample menus can be seen on www.cornucopia-main.loc

ORGANICS. We use a wide range of organic ingredients. To name but a few; we use organic dairy, rice & almond milk, flour, rice, pasta, sprouted beans & a seasonal range of organic vegetables.

FRUIT & VEGETABLES. We use an abundance of fresh fruit & vegetables every day, many locally grown, providing our customers with rich antioxidant & vitamin-full, healthy foods.  All of these fresh fruits & vegetables are lovingly & skilfully transformed into satisfying mains, soups, salads & refreshing juices.

OUR OWN. We make our own delicious mayonnaise on a daily basis, which is dairy & egg free, as well as hummus, pates, & a variety of other dairy-free & nut based sauces. Try our homemade baked beans & vegetarian sausages for breakfast. A real treat!

VEGAN. The majority of our food is vegan. We are developing our skills in making creams, sauces & cheeses from nuts & seeds. We also cater for those living with food intolerances, with a range of ‘free from’ choices.

RAW. We have lots of wonderful enzyme & vitamin rich raw/living foods available,  including our amazing raw soups, salads, desserts & delicious raw main courses all bursting with extra health & vitality.

WATER. Our drinking water is very special. We use filters to ensure that it is pure, chlorine & fluoride free. This means that all our teas, coffees & drinking water both taste great & are good for you!

COFFEE. Our very delicious Imbibe Coffee is Triple Certified! It is Organic, Fair Trade & Rainforest Alliance, leaving you with a feel-good after-taste & aroma.

WINE. Our wine is organic & vegan, produced from small organic vineyards, throughout the sunny Mediterranean.

We have been on Wicklow Street for over 27 years, helping our customers stay healthy whilst enjoying delicious food. We now have extra seating available for bookings & parties in our beautiful first floor Georgian room, & have many plans for the exciting future of Cornucopia. A second Green Cookbook is on the way to complement our current award winner ‘Cornucopia at Home’ & our other plans include an expanded new service counter area & an educational school of cookery, health, nutrition. We currently have Talks & Discussions every second Tuesday on these topics.

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Be part of our community & enjoy this exciting journey with us!

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